About Us

It started with an idea
Plant Science Laboratories has been an ingredient level manufacturer of botanical powders for nearly a decade. Making powders is what we do. So, when we began to explore the world of CBD products, we were astonished to find that there were no full spectrum CBD powders on the market, only chemically manufactured isolates and distillates; and none of those in capsule form. 
We tried making tinctures and oil blends, but found them to be messy and unpalatable. After a period of determined experimentation, we developed a method to produce a micronized cannabis extract powder, effectively merging our expertise in powder manufacturing with our interest in filling this void in the CBD marketplace. 
The rest is history. Our state of the art, GMP compliant facilities currently allow for the production, laboratory analysis and encapsulation of hundreds of thousands of full spectrum cannabis capsules per day, and we're just getting started.

Meet the team!

Mike Barnhart

President/Chief Science Officer

Paul Panzarella

Office Manager/QA Director

Dave Potter

Chief Engineer/Production Manager

Joey Franklin

Production Supervisor

Denise Bennett

Production Assistant

James Ladd

Production Supervisor

Josephine Green

Production Assistant

David Brownstein

Facilities Manager

Diane Cuervo

Lab Director/Project Manager

Dylan Hennigan

QA Supervisor/1st Class Stationary Enigneer